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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering

Master's Program

Mechanical engineering, material engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, and aerospace engineering all seek to build advanced systems and highly functional materials by combining elementary technologies while incorporating basic principles. This department helps students understand these basic principles, develop their scientific intuition in applying those principles, and cultivate the ability to adapt to technical innovation in this globalized world. The learning and research activities in the department seek to build advanced systems and create highly functional materials by bringing together elementary technologies, designing technologies to make the most of elements, and creating production technologies that maintain the balance between our society and the environment. In this manner, our department produces globally-competitive engineers and researchers with practical and sophisticated skills.


Doctoral Program

In this department, education will be conducted in mechanical, material, naval architecture and ocean, and aerospace engineering based on analyses of physical phenomena from micro to macro levels. Research conducted in this department addresses: basic science technologies to comprehensively design advanced systems from micromachines to large structures; production and processing methods for the development of functions and structural materials that maintain the balance with the global environment by applying the mechanical properties of solid materials and theories on the origins of various properties; and systems for using marine space through microengineering for marine energy use and for designing mobile objects and structures. In this manner, the department produces globally-competitive, practical, and creative engineers and researchers who can be leaders in their area of research.


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