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Department of Chemistry and Life Science

Master's Program

Today's material civilization is built upon comprehensive and advanced science technologies for developing and applying functional materials based on unique natural science. The important keys for the sustainable development of civilization include the pursuit of exceptional substances and materials, the construction of good production systems, and the understanding and application of life phenomena. To achieve this, a comprehensive system must be built beyond the conventional academic framework of chemistry to incorporate mathematics and information science. This department focuses on chemistry and life science and produces internationally-minded professionals who can adapt to evolving science technologies with their basic competency and comprehensive skills to address a wide range of issues involving nature research, manufacturing, energy, and life forms by applying principles and their knowledge.


Doctoral Program

Molecules and solid materials as aggregates of atoms, and organic materials as aggregates of molecules, exhibit very different functions depending on their electronic structures, types of atoms and molecules, and their arrangements. Therefore, the clarification of the interrelation between structures and exhibited functions is vital to material chemistry. The most crucial task for producing and using materials efficiently with minimum environmental load is to establish efficient production systems for new materials by effectively harnessing the chemical energy of materials and integrating a wide range of information. In order to tackle global problems related to food, life, medicine, and so forth, it is essential to unravel and apply life phenomena. This department provides opportunities to develop molecules and materials that exhibit new functions, devise new processes for producing and using them, and unravel and apply life phenomena. In this manner, the department cultivates creative professionals who can identify challenges involving materials and life, and effectively address them with due consideration to the global environment.


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