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About Faculty of Engineering

In order to effectively conduct research and education that can respond to social needs and changes in the fields of research and education, we are comprised of two organizations: “Graduate School (Gakufu)” and “Faculty (Kenkyuin)”.

Graduate School of Engineering Science

Our students belong to the Graduate School of Engineering Science, which is an educational organization. Taking advantage of the fact that the research and educational organizations are separated, they are able to pursue research activities under faculty members who conduct research without being bound by the framework of existing academic disciplines as well as to learn from basics to applications in the systematically designed educational programs. This is the strength of the highly advanced professional education offered by the Graduate School.

Faculty of Engineering

Our 150 full-time faculty members belong to the Faculty of Engineering, which is a research organization. From the viewpoint of science and technology creation, the Faculty is comprised of three divisions: the Division of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Division of Systems Research, and Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering. A wide variety of research is conducted from fundamental research to cutting-edge research, and various activities such as national projects and collaborative research between industry, academia and government are carried out. For details of research activities, please see the page below.